Hurricane prep

Hurricane Fiona has passed us by here in South Carolina. Hurricane Gaston has graciously decided to stay way out to sea. That leaves us right now with Tropical Depression 09 which right now is south of the Dominican Republic. It is too early to really tell where this storm will go…but a couple of the forecast/predictions/projections say it may turn north on the west side of Florida and come across Florida. If it does that it could be on a direct path to the coast of South Carolina.

What I am saying is that we need to be prepared if it does become a hurricane and makes landfall in South Carolina. Basic preparations include building up some food supplies in case of power outages and shortages. Stock up on canned goods that you can open up and heat or even just eat out of the can. This includes stuff like canned soups, canned beef stew, canned fruits and vegetables, Chef-Boy-r D…even vienna saussage and spam. Make sure you have a mechanical CAN OPENER. Stock up on drinking water…the more the better. Fill the gas tanks in your vehicles before the storm hits.

Make sure you have plenty of batteries available for your portable FM radio (you do have one…right?). If you have two way radios (ham radio, gmrs, frs) make sure they are charged up and have spare batteries.

Have an emergency plan. Know where you and your family will meet if you have to suddenly evacuate. Have a hard copy of important telephone numbers. Have prescription drugs refilled and available if you need to leave.

Think about your own situation. What makes it different from everyone else’s. Plan for those differences.

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