DMR Code Plugs

Update 1/16/2023: Some newer DMR radios have built in APRS capability.  SCHEART and NCPRN DMR networks do not support APRS data.  Operators must ensure they do not transmit APRS beacons on the networks since this transmission mode is NOT AUTHORIZED.  Thanks for everyone’s support.

CAUTION: The DMR code plugs located below were created several years ago and do not reflect current PRN talk groups or repeater zones.  However, they can be used to load a radio for testing and easily modified to reflect current network operation.  Please refer to the Repeater System Frequencies and Talk Group tab under the Digital pull down menu on the main webpage for updated network information. 

 Creating a code plug can be very time consuming and for a new user somewhat confusing.  Initially the Sumter Amateur Radio Association and George Mudd, KK4F, created sample code plugs for SCHEART system covering all varieties of DMR radios.   Operators could download the base code plug and modify it to quickly get on the air.   However, with the growth in DMR manufacturers and a wide selection of radio models, it has become impossible for a couple of volunteers to keep this list current.

If you have a radio code plug not listed below and would like to have it posted for others to use,  please email it to George at Be sure to provide the Manufacturer’s name and radio model number.

If you find an error in these base code plugs, please email the error to George at

SCHEART would like to express special thanks to KK4F, the Sumter Amateur Radio Association and to every operator who contributes to this collection of base plugs for the SCHEART and PRN system


TD503 12/13/2017
Anytone D868   (Dan KN4KBY) 02/16/2019
D868UV_DMRVA Virginia DMR Repeaters 02/19/2019
GD 77   (Dan KN4KBY) 02/16/2019
Connect Systems  
cs700 02/15/2019
CS700-DMRVA Virginia DMR Repeaters 02/19/2019
cs750 02/15/2019
CS750-DMRVA Virginia DMR Repeaters 02/19/2019
cs800 02/15/2019
CS800D 02/22/2019
Tytera (TYT)  
md-380 02/15/2019
MD380-DMRVA  Virginia DMR Repeaters 02/19/2019
MD-2017-DMRVA Virginia DMR Repeaters 02/19/2019
MD-9600-DMRVA Virginia DMR Repeaters 02/19/2019
MD-2017 (K2KYJ) 02/28/2019
SL-7550 02/18/2019
SL-3500e Columbia Sumter & Florence


XPR2500 High Power  
highpower XPR-4550 02/17/2019
DMRVA-XPR4550 Virginia DMR Repeaters (hipower 4550)


lowpower XPR-4550


hipower XPR-5550e 02/16/2019
hipower-5550e with Tennessee repeaters 02/23/2019
hipower XPR-5550 02/16/2019
hipower XPR-5550 with Tennessee Repeaters 02/22/2019
DMRVA-XPR5550 Virginia DMR Repeaters (hipower 5550) 02/19/2019
lowpower XPR-5550


hipower XPR-5550 South Carolina only 02/16/2019
XPR-6550 02/16/2019
XPR-7550 02/16/2019
XPR-7550e 02/16/2019
XPR-7550e-South Carolina only 02/16/2019
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