DMR Code Plugs

DMR Code Plugs – Thanks to the Sumter Amateur Radio Club and George KK4F

These code plugs have the latest PRN UHF DMR repeaters and analog UHF SC HEART repeaters. New code plugs with SC Call will be added as George completes them.

Found an error! Please email George at and he will correct the error.

BDFX TD-503 (121317)
CS700 (080217)
CS750 (072216)
CS800 (072316)
CS800 with SCHEART Analog (092816)
MD380 (062017)
SL7550 (062717)
SL3500e (110417)
XPR2500 High Power
XPR4550 High Power (060617)
XPR4550 Low Power (060617)
XPR5550e High Power (062717)
XPR5550 High Power (042318)
XPR5550 Low Power
XPR5550 High Power SC only
XPR6550 (080816)
XPR7550 (021918)
XPR7550e (091917)

George is updating all code plugs for current radios.

NCPRN also maintains a current list of the code plugs. They can be downloaded here.


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