Using the IRLP System

The SC HEART Linked Amateur Repeater System is open to all licensed amateur radio operators. During the week days when the repeaters are not linked for nets, the system can be linked by using touch tones. For example, if you are on the Rock Hill VHF repeater and want to link to Columbia, you would do the following:

  • Check the frequency for activity.
  • If the frequency is clear, key up and ID your call sign and state: “This is W3KH linking to Columbia VHF”
  • Unkey and key up sending the touch tones *32, unkey
  • The repeater will reply: “Columbia VHF linked”
  • If the repeater does not reply, try again. Remember you need a good signal into the repeater. Noise on your transmitter signal will keep the TT decoder from decoding.
  • Call your distant station or say: “This is W3KH Rock Hill listening on Columbia”
  • Finished, key up and TT 73, or the link will automatically go down after 10 minutes.
  • Don’t worry you can not break the system. Have fun, and check into the nets on the system.
  • A complete list of Repeaters, Frequencies, Tones and Link Codes are on the repeaters/irlp page

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