Awendaw Repeater Site Problem

Update 5/31/2023 afternoon.  SCHEART VHF/UHF and DMR have resumed normal operations.

The SCHEART VHF/UHF and DMR repeaters at Awendaw are back on the air with full coverage.  The VHF repeater is connected to the statewide network.  Statewide connectivity for the UHF and DMR repeaters should happen shortly. 

UPDATE 5/26/2023: SCETV tower crew is wrapping up the installation of the new 900 foot coaxial line on the tower.  Engineering will be there next week to terminate the cables and relocate the repeaters to another area of the building.  They plan to have all repeaters back on line by the end of the week.

UPDATE 5/1/2023: The Awendaw VHF repeater is back on the air at a temporary antenna height of 640 feet.  The SCETV tower crew is onsite and replacing the original 950 foot coaxial line up the tower.  Once that is completed, the SCHEART VHF, UHF and DMR repeaters will return to normal coverage.  

UPDATE 4/27/23 The SCETV tower crew will be at Awendaw next week installing a new coaxial cable.  Expect SCHEART repeaters at the site will return to service by the end of the week.

UPDATE 4/19/23 The SCETV tower crew have developed a plan to replace the coaxial lines without using the elevator.  This required additional tower rigging. That is being accomplished and the target date to replace the defected coax is the first week in May.

UPDATE 3/30/23 SCETV tower crew is developing alternate plan for installing coaxial line on the tower after failure of the site elevator.  Hardware to complete the project is onsite. 

UPDATE 3/23/23 SCETV tower crew started work at Awendaw on Monday but discovered the tower elevator needs maintenance and is unsafe to use.  Facility owner has been contacted and the tower crew is making alternate  plans for the installation.

UPDATE 3/2/2023: SCETV has received replacement coaxial cable and connectors for the project.  The tower crew is working the project into their schedule with installation expected to take a 4 days with good weather. 

UPDATE 2/23/2023: SCETV has ordered new coaxial cable to replace the damaged Awendaw feed line.  It should arrive sometime around March 1.  The tower crew is scheduled to replace the line which will take an estimated 4 days.  Weather permitting, the repeaters should be back up around mid March.

UPDATE 2/15/2023:  The SCETV tower crew discovered the coax feed line to the antennas is damaged and will need work.  A 40-foot section has failed and detached from the tower.  Repair will require additional work by the crew.  The work will be schedule as soon as possible.

UPDATE 1/31/2023: Due to weather conditions expected at the site, the repair project scheduled for tomorrow is being rescheduled for next week.

UPDATE 1/29/2023: Engineering has confirmed antenna issue.  Tower crew is scheduled to be on site 2/1/2023

1/15/2023 The Awendaw VHF-UHF and North Charleston DMR repeaters are experiencing intermittent issues with receive sensitivity and output power levels.  Preliminary analysis indicates a possible issue with the common antenna components.  SCETV Engineering is investigating the issue.


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