SCHEART Ops plan for 2023 FSE

The 2023 state Full Scale Exercise (FSE) will occur on March 8th and 9th with a communication exercise on March 11.  The SCHEART repeater network will be configured to support the exercise as follows.

The DMR network will go into emergency operational mode shortly after noon on March 8 and remain until 1600 Local on March 9.  The analog repeater system will be linked on March 9 at 0845 until 1010 for the normal healthcare net.  The system will de-link after the net and will not be linked during the exercise on March 9th.  Stations participating in the exercise may contact the SEOC via DTMF connection to the SCHEART Columbia VHF or UHF repeater.  The SEOC will be monitoring the both VHF and UHF repeaters along with statewide simplex frequency of 146.595 MHz with PL 156.7 Hz.

On March 11 the SCHEART VHF and UHF repeaters will be linked statewide from 0900 until 1600 when UHF repeaters will de-link and system will return to normal weekend operation.  The DMR system will go into emergency operations mode during the same time period.

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