SCHEART DMR Talk Group Change

SCHEART has been notified that TAC1, TAC310 and DCI/Brandmiester talk groups will no longer be freely available after April 30th.  The decision was made by the host of these talk groups who distributes the audio connection to other C-bridge networks.  Due to the growing number of feeds and costs incurred in providing the talk group data, the owner decided to no longer provide free distribution.  C-bridge network owners will need to pay for access starting in May. 

SCHEART obtains data for these talk groups from the PRN C-Bridge network.  Administrators for the PRN network decided to drop these talk groups effective with the policy change. 

No other talk group on the SCHEART DMR system will be affected.  During emergency operation, access to these talk groups were already being dropped.  So this change will not affect SCHEART emergency support operations.   From logging data, it appears very few South Carolina users were actively talking on the three talk groups.  We apologize to those few users who have been active and one alternative is to obtain a  personal digital ‘Hotspot’ for the Brandmiester network.

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