Proper Use of the SC Call Talk Group on DMR

The SC Call Talk Group is designed to allow stations using SCHEART DMR repeaters to make an initial contact and then move their conversation to either a Local Talk Group (if you are on the same repeater) or to PRN Chat 1 or Chat 2 talk group. While short conversations on SC Call are acceptable, operators should not make a contact on SC Call and then engage in an extended conversation for 10, 15, 30, 60 minutes or longer. Here’s why:

When any operator selects the SC Call talk group, they gain access time slot 1 on all 30 DMR repeaters across the state. That means your conversation on SC Call inhibits other operators from using any time slot 1 talk group (Echotest, DCI-Brandmeister, TAC310, TAC1 and Local) on their local repeater. Users across the state attempting to access any of these talk group will get a channel busy signal. While there is a 5 minute hold on incoming SC Call traffic if one of the other talk groups are in use, there is no way to over ride SC Call traffic after the 5 minute pause.

Recently some operators have developed the bad practice of getting on SC Call and having very, very long conversations which prevent other operators from using other time slot 1 talk groups on their local DMR repeater. Frequently the two stations will be using the same repeater but instead of going to the Local talk group which only ties up one repeater, they continue the conversation on SC Call tying up 29 other repeaters.

Please be considerate to your fellow hams and not miss use SC Call.


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