MRC Volunteers

I would like to extend a heartfelt word of thanks to all of the MRC (Medical Reserve Corps) volunteers who are working behind the scenes so that DHEC and the nurses and medical staffs can do what they are doing to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. DHEC and medical personell are fighting tirelessly to belay the effects of this pandemic and they are to be commended. However also to be commended are the MRC volunteers who are giving their time and talent to aid in this effort on their own time and without being paid for their efforts. These MRC volunteers are volunteering to help at COVID-19 test sites, they are spending hours at a time driving moving test samples from sites to the lab in Columbia for testing. You do not see or hear of these folks in the media or anywhere else but they are an integral part of the fight against COVID-19. For my part I say a big THANK YOU to all the MRC volunteers who are working so hard.

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