DMR Local Configuration Update

Independent operation of the Local Talk Group is now enabled. Locals are no longer linked on the system.  Additional programming updates will be occurring to ensure each Local transmission appears on the Last Heard listing on NCPRN website. At this time (January 1) not all locals are showing up but should be corrected within 48 hours.

Remember SC Call talk group is for initial contact. Once you establish initial contact move your conversation to Chat 1, 2 or Local. SC Call has a 5 minute timer. This ensures Local traffic isn’t interrupted. That also means if you first make a call on Local and then go to SC Call before 5 minutes expire, you will get a talk permit tone but will not reach all the network repeaters. If you want to make a SC Call within 5 minutes of talking on the local repeater, you must use Clear Time Slot to reset the timer. You may access the network with SC Call immediately after a Clear Time Slot is accepted.

Other talk groups should be functioning normally. If you experience a problem or have a question, use the Contact us option.

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