A Christmas Gift Suggestion

’Tis the season to be jolly, and being jolly means giving meaningful gifts. Here is a suggestion for a great Holiday gift you can give the entire state of South Carolina, a tax deductible donation to SCHEART Inc!

As ham radio operators, you appreciate the need for communications in disasters and emergencies, and the statewide SCHEART VHF, UHF and DMR networks are a key component in South Carolina emcomm strategies. SCHEART has provided critical communications during past events, like the widespread floods of 2015, Hurricanes Matthew (2016), Irma (2017), Florence (2018) and Ian (2022), just to mention some of the more recent emergencies among the many we have faced. The SCHEART networks are there to back up critical emergency communications needs in South Carolina. No other alternative network has statewide capability; SCHEART has redundant networks to meet public safety needs.

When not providing emergency communications, the SCHEART networks are there for local amateur operators to use, as well as itinerate operators passing through South Carolina.

The maintenance of these  networks are provided by South Carolina Educational TV, and they have done a good job of keeping existing systems working. But, there is a continuing need to expand these networks to support a growing SC public. There is a need to enhance the capability and functions with new communications technologies and equipment. We have developed plans for ongoing system upgrades, but the SC ETV budget does not cover them.

For this reason, SCHEART Inc. was created as a private foundation to fund the necessary expansions and enhancement. SCHEART Inc. is privately funded by foundations, grants and donations from people like you. 

This is a great opportunity for you to give a gift to the entire state of South Carolina this Holiday season. No gift is too small, or too big. Any amount that you are wiling to give is greatly appreciated and will be used solely for the SCHEART system. All, 100%, of our funds are used to expand and enhance the SCHEART system. We have no employees, no overhead, and no expenses other than to support our sole mission. We hope you will be able to help us meet our goals.

Happy Holidays!


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SCHeart Inc. is a 501c(3)
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are tax deductible.

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