2022 State FSE- March 15, 16, 19 results

Update- March 21, 2021:  Amateur radio operators from around the state participated in the 2022 Full Scale Exercise using the SCHEART repeater network.  On the 15th and 16th, volunteers in the AUXCOMM program embedded with 5 state communications teams deployed around the state with other volunteers staffing the SEOC radio room and SCHEART communication trailer.  On the 19th,  ARES, AUXCOMM and SCHEART team members participated in the targeted communication exercise.  Saturday was the largest amateur full scale communication exercise to date.  There were 27 counties represented with 11 County EOC’s, 1 Municipal EOC activated, along with 5 hospitals and 1 nursing home.  Two 2 county communications trailers were also deployed.  Field volunteers submitted 74 resource requests over radio during the exercise during the Saturday exercise.  Thanks to everyone involved and to the general amateur community for their support of the exercise.  73 KD4JQJ

Background:   The 2022 South Carolina Full Scale Emergency Exercise will occur the week of March 14th.  On March 15th, 16th, and 19th there will be extra focus on communications.  Five amateur operators will deploy with state communications teams to locations around the state on March 15th and 16th.  The SEOC radio room will be operational from 0730 AM until 0500 PM in support of these field elements.  At least one statewide net will be conducted during each day on the SCHEART network for all amateur operators who wish to participate.  Please listen to net control for check-in times. 

On Saturday, March 19th, the exercise will focus on amateur radio communications and test their ability to move information across  state.  All counties, hospitals and organizations who normally support emergency responses are invited to participate along with individual amateur operators.  Please listen and follow net control instructions.  

SCHEART analog and DMR repeater networks will be configured to support these exercises.  These are training exercises and configuration of the network will be changing at different times of the day.  Simulated essential traffic will be transmitted.  This is a once a year training event.

Amateur Operators wishing to participate in the exercise on March 19th should use the link below to register.

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