Ten Tips to Make You a Better Communicator

1. Ensure your transceiver is working.

2. Ensure your microphone is located where it won’t be keyed accidentally.

3. Ensure you are tuned to the proper frequency.

4. Don’t “ker-chunk” the repeater.

5. Ensure you know how to set the CTCSS (PL tone) without the manual.

6. Pause a second before speaking.

7. Communicate Clearly.

8. Adjust for background noise and interference.

9. Use Plain Language.

10. Ensure you have a minimal “Go Kit” in you car for emergencies.

This topic is the subject of whole articles. However, as a minimum, you should carry the following items in your vehicle besides your mobile rig:

2 meter hand held

Earphone / headphones

Paper and pencil

Appropriate clothing

Spare fuses

Food/snacks and water

First Aid Kit

Electrical and duct tape


Cheap Volt-Ohm-Meter

Extra batteries (alkaline battery holder is a plus)

Copy of FCC license and County issued ID for access to the EOC

From N3GQ, Senior Emergency and Continuity Manager, PS&HSB  FCC


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