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MRC Volunteers

I would like to extend a heartfelt word of thanks to all of the MRC (Medical Reserve Corps) volunteers who are working behind the scenes so that DHEC and the nurses and medical staffs can do what they are doing to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. DHEC and medical personell are fighting tirelessly to belay the…

Amateur Radio Testing

I’ve had multiple emails about the status of this Saturday’s (3/21/2020) testing session. As of now it is still on at ETV’s headquarters, 1041 George Roger’s Boulevard. Testing starting at 08:55.  If something should change, it will be reported here immediately. Stay tuned…


SCHEART network will support the Statewide Full Scale Exercise- Phoenix Dawn on March 12.  The analog network will be linked around 8:00 and in uses until mid afternoon.  The DMR network will be in emergency mode.  The system will return back to normal operations before 0500 PM