Class Results (12-10-2016)

The December 2016 training classes were a success. We ended up with 16 new Technicians, 7 Generals and 1 Extra.

Thanks to the instructors, Bill KB4DE, Lora KK4OKT, Jay W4TFX, Charlie AE4UX, John N3EWW, Ron K1TCB.

Also, to the Volunteer Examiners, Ronnie W4RWL, Steve W4JSD, Tom KO4CM, Gene W4DSN, John N3EWW, Angelo AC2BC, Stephen KI4VGA, Jay W4TFX, Jeff K4LSJ and Stan N3LU.

N3LU has written 11 articles

Extra Class: N3LU
Training coordinator: SCHEART
EC: Team 3 at SCEOC
WO1, South Carolina State Guard, G-6 (Signal Corps)
Communications Coordinator/Trainer, Lexington County CERT