SC HEART Analog VHF and UHF Linked Repeater System Status- VHF Linked for Thanksgiving Travel 11-25 11-27 – Wallace UHF operational but can not be linked.

Status: All repeaters are operational except Wallace UHF can not be linked until 10/30 all others are  available for linking during the week. The Caesars Head VHF 145.13 – pl 123 repeater is operating stand alone until the microwave link between Paris Mt. and Caesars Head is installed. Edgefield VHF 146.85- pl 91.5 repeater is operating stand alone until the link interface is installed.


DMR PHASE TWO Build-out has started. Greenville-Caesars Head is now on PRN -11-20-2015

The DMR phase two build-out has started. The new Motorola SLR 5700 generation two repeaters arrived two weeks ago and the new combiners have arrived. Rock Hill and then Spartanbug will be installed first with others to follow. The new 5700 repeaters will be installed in locations where there is a high rf environment on the taller towers. The locations are Charleston North (Awendaw), Charleston South (Whitehall), Columbia Downtown, Columbia East (WRLK), Greenville-Caesars Head (WYFF), Rock Hill (WNSC), Spartanburg (WRET). All other existing repeaters and the remaining new repeaters will continue to use the first generation SLR 8400 repeaters. The following are the new phase two repeaters:

DMR PHASE Name RX TX Callsign Location Connection Antenna Connection Repeater Type
2 Rock Hill 445.5125 440.5125 WR4SC WNSC Rock Hill ETV microwave Combiner SLR5000
2 Organgeburg 445.5875 440.5875 WR4SC Oranageburg MW ETV microwave Combiner XPR8400
2 Columbia Downtown 445.6125 440.6125 WR4SC Sun Trust BLD ETV microwave Duplexer SLR5000
2 Lake City 445.6375 440.6375 WR4SC Lake City MW ETV microwave Duplexer XPR8400
2 Spartanburg 445.6625 440.6625 WR4SC WRET Spartanburg ETV microwave Combiner SLR5000
2 Barnwell 445.6875 440.6875 WR4SC WEBA Barnwell ETV microwave Duplexer XPR8400
1 Myrtle Beach 446.9125 441.9125 WR4SC WHMC Conway ETV microwave Duplexer XPR8400
1 Florence 447.1625 442.1625 WR4SC WJPM Florence ETV microwave Duplexer XPR8400
1 Sumter 447.3125 442.3125 WR4SC WRJA Sumter ETV microwave Combiner XPR8400
1 Charleston South 447.3875 442.3875 WR4SC WJWJ Whitehall ETV microwave Duplexer SLR5000
1 Charleston-North 447.4625 442.4625 WR4SC WITV Awendaw ETV microwave Combiner SLR5000
1 Columbia-East 447.5125 442.5125 WR4SC WRLK Columbia ETV microwave Combiner SLR5000
Walhalla 447.5375 442.5375 KN4SWB Walhalla PSN-Internet Duplexer XPR8400
1 Charleston-Downtown 448.0375 443.0375 WR4SC Wallace School MW ETV microwave Duplexer XPR8400
1 Greenville 448.1125 443.1125 WR4SC WYFF PSN-Internet Duplexer SLR5000
1 Dillon 448.1625 443.1625 WR4SC WPDE PSN-Internet Duplexer XPR8400
Aiken 448.4625 443.4625 N2ZZ Aiken PSN-Internet Duplexer XPR8400
Columbia-West 448.5375 443.5375 N4UHF Little Mountain MW ETV microwave Duplexer XPR8400
1 Greenwood 448.8375 443.8375 WR4SC WNEH Greenwood ETV microwave Combiner XPR8400
2 Beech Island 449.2875 444.2875 WR4SC WLJK Beech Island PSN-Internet Combiner XPR8400
SCHEART Trailer 440.8000 445.8000 WR4SC SCHEART Trailer Satellite Duplexer XPR8400
Aiken Trailer 440.8000 445.8000 Aiken Trailer Satellite Duplexer XPR8400
Anderson Trailer 440.8000 445.8000 KN4SWB Anderson Trailer Satellite Duplexer XPR8400


Color Code 1

Talkgroups Available on Time Slot 1

Local — 27500
DMR-NA TAC 310 — 310
DMR-NA TAC 1 — 8951
DCI Bridge 2 — 3100
DMR-MARC Southeast — 3174
Echotest Server — 9998

Talkgroups Available on Time Slot 2

PRN — 2

More info


Technician Amateur Radio License Class December 10, 11 with testing on 12th – SCETV Columbia

A technician license class will be held on December 10th and 11th from 6PM to 10 PM with testing on December 12th at 9 AM. The class will be at SC ETV, 1041 George Rogers Blvd, Columbia, SC. No book will be required and the test on Saturday will be $10 cash or check. Please bring photo ID for the test session. To register please email or call 803 737 3500 and ask for Tara Thomas. Questions?


Join the VHF – UHF Statewide South Carolina ARES Net at 8PM Sunday Night. All amateurs are welcome to check into the net. To allow time for announcements, check-ins and training topic please check in using – Call Sign, Name, Location, and if you have Announcements or Traffic

For additional information on SC ARES  go to check out the web site and register as a volunteer . As a licensed amateur radio operator your profession is listed as amateur radio.  Thanks for taking the time to register.

Remember to continue to review of Bart’s Basics from N3GQ, Senior Emergency and Continuity Manager, Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau, FCC. Ten Tips to Make You a Better Communicator.

Reminder: Is your generator fueled and ready to run? Does the 12v backup battery in the shack still have acid in it? Are the batteries charged for your handheld radio? Do you have a lighter plug for the handheld with dead batteries?  Or do you have a  AA pack with fresh AA batteries to use ?

ICS 100. The course is available at This is the introduction to the Incident Command System. To be fully trained take ICS 100 and 700 then 200 and 800 on line. ICS 300 and ICS 400 are taught in a classroom setting as is Communications Leadership. Brian Fletcher with MUSC is now certified to teach ICS 300, 400 and ComL. Send requests for class information to Charlie Miller, AE4UX ( Remember, we respond to an emergency only as well as we have been trained. Part of the training is to know how the system works.

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to check into the net!!! 73,  John, W3KH, Net Manager

SC Regional Skywarn 1st and 3rd Tuesday night at 9 PM- Sponsored by NWS Charleston – winter schedule

Join the SC Regional Skywarn Winter Net on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday night,  9 PM.The net originates from Charleston and is sponsored by the National Weather Service in Charleston. Keep your  go kit packed.