ETV / SCHEART Announce Amateur Radio License Classes for Technician, General and Extra Class Licenses on October 5,6,7 from 6 to 10 PM with testing on 10/8. More information on Careers with ETV

Want to get started in Amateur Radio or just upgrade to a higher class license, here is your chance. The classes are given at no cost with a ten dollar fee for testing. The classes will be held at ETV, 1041 George Rogers Blvd, Columbia, SC 29201. Testing will be held on Saturday morning at 9 AM at 1541 Lake Murray Blvd., Irmo, SC 29063. Please register with Tara Thomas . The Technician Class license is an entry level license and does not require any previous knowledge of electronics or amateur radio. For additional information of the classes please contact Stan Slaughter, N3LU at or call Tara at 803 737 3500 and she will have Stan return your call.

SC ETV has two current job postings in the Engineering Department. Those are two of a dozen postings that will be on the website in the near future. Look for postings for project managers, transmitter supervisors, and a field engineer with microwave experience. ETV, where we maintain 11 TV transmitters, 8 FM broadcast transmitters, 30 microwave sites,  14 NOAA Weather radio transmitters,  28 analog VHF and UHF amateur radio repeaters in the SC HEART linked system and 25 DMR UHF amateur radio repeaters in the SC HEART DMR system. Now is the time to apply for a career with ETV!!

More information about SC ETV –

WEEKLY NETS: SC HEART Analog Repeater System





STATUS: SC HEART VHF and UHF Analog Repeaters

Wallace VHF and UHF can not be linked all others are available for linking during the week. The Caesars Head VHF 145.13 – pl 123 repeater is operating stand alone until the microwave link between Paris Mt. and Caesars Head is installed. Edgefield VHF 146.85- pl 91.5 repeater is operating stand alone until the link interface is installed.


Greenville SC
West Columbia SC
East Columbia SC
Myrtle Beach SC
North Charleston SC
South Charleston SC
Walhalla SC
Dillon SC
Downtown Charleston SC
Sumter SC -
Greenwood SC
Florence SC
Rock Hill SC
Spartanburg SC
Orangeburg SC
Columbia SC
Beech Island SC
Barnwell SC
Lake City SC
Hilton Head SC
Bluffton SC -not on the air
Beaufort SC
Georgetown SC
Murrells Inlet SC – installed into a dummy load waiting on antenna installation
Sumter Downtown SC – to be installed 9/8/16
St. George SC

Shelby Hamfest DMR presentation – 9-7-2016 UPDATE!!! SC HEART DMR Operational Information – SC HEART DMR Code Plugs – Coverage Map

If you couldn’t squeeze in the room to see the DMR presentation or missed the Shelby Hamfest here is the slide show. Thanks Marv and Roger!!

Shelby DMR Slide Show

Important update

SCHEART DMR Configuration Update
The SC Call talk group was implemented last quarter. This talk group uses time slot 1 and allows users within SC to make contact, have a short conversation or move to another chat group for a long conversation. With full implementation of SC Call and the addition of repeaters at some local hospitals, effective this month grouping of local talk groups by DHEC regions will be eliminated. So, the local talk group in a zone will truly become local on each repeater.

The change is being made since DHEC has not expressed a need to continue regional groupings, some new hospital locations have requested not to be group regionally and with SC Call, stations needing regional or statewide contact have an easy means to make a connection. Additionally, multiple users indicated they wanted the ability to talk locally without having their conversations carried regionally.

As a reminder, if you are talking locally, SC Call traffic will be inhibited for 5 minutes after you clear the talk group. If you have updated your codeplug with SC Call, no further action is required. Just remember when you select Local you will be local to the repeater.

SC Call talk group now available.
SCHEART has implemented a new talk group for affiliated DMR repeaters located in South Carolina. It is available during the normal operational mode and is called SC CALL This new talk group brings up all South Carolina repeaters with the exception of Aiken and allows you to make an initial contact across the state without using the multi-state PRN talk group. Once you make your contact, move your conversation to an available Chat channel. SC Call talk group code is 27510 and uses Time Slot 1. It shares time with Local and the other dynamic talk groups. Repeaters that are in use by either local traffic or a dynamic talk group (TAC1, TAC310, DCI, Chat, etc.) will not be affected by a state wide call. Five minutes after local or dynamic traffic clears a repeater, SC Call becomes enabled on the repeater.

SC Call allows operators to contact in State DMR users who may not monitor the PRN talk group. Users need to program their radio with the new talk group code and add the group to each repeater they plan to use in the state. The talk group will not work on repeaters located outside of South Carolina. Also remember to add the talk group to your monitor group or scan list so you can hear calls on the talk group.

Remember: SC CALL talk group is not for having conversations. It for making contact and moving your conversation to a Chat talk group or if you can hit the same repeater, the local talk group.

Based on user requests, new functionality has been added to the PRN network and is now available on the SCHEART DMR system. There’s currently 60+ repeaters on the PRN talk group.

Two new talk groups have been added: PRN Chat 1 (TG 27501) and PRN Chat 2 (TG 27502). These groups work inside the PRN system and allow users to chat without bringing up the entire system or in SC, not an entire DHEC region. So if you hear someone and want to have an extended conversation, both stations can go to Chat and they will only use two repeaters. Both talk groups operated on Time Slot 1.

The other new feature is connection of of Tac1 and DCI Bridge 2 talk groups to the Brandmeister Bridge. This bridge acts as an universal translator allowing people on the D-STAR network or Fusion network to talk to DMR. If go to either of these talk groups, you may reach hams using different digital modes.

Thanks, about it for now.

Roger, KD4JQJ
DMR Code Plugs – Thanks to the Sumter Amateur Radio Club and George KK4F – These code plugs have the latest PRN UHF DMR repeaters and analog UHF SC HEART repeaters. New code plugs with SC Call will be added as George completes them. Found and error! Please email George and he will correct the error and a correct code plug will be posted. 5550 High Power 082516 5550 Low Power 5550sc only 7550-080816Update SL7550-080816Update 6550-080816Update 4550 High Power 4550 Low Power MD380-072316 update CS700-072316 update CS750-072216 update CS800-072316 update CS800-92816 with SC HEART Analog repeaters

George is updating all code plugs for current radios.

NCPRN has a list of code plugs also